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לחץ כאן כדי ללמוד עוד על הפרויקט

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After 26 hours and 13 minutes of almost non-stop labor, we successfully delivered all 1,000 dolls around Jerusalem.  We started at midnight (12:13am on August 18th). 

Generous friends loaned us a car overnight to reach the outer ring of the city.  We drove until 9 in the morning making deliveries. From 9 in the morning until the following morning we took a couple of buses to cover the big distances between sides of town, but other than that we walked from neighborhood to neighborhood delivering dolls.  We left dolls in parks, on benches, in phone booths, on walls, on stairs, and bus stops among other places.

By about 7am we had figured out how to best do the deliveries.  In the first 4 hours we were able to deliver 200.  In our last hour we also delivered 200.

As we walked, we felt invisible.  We were able to place the 1,000 dolls with less than 10 people noticing or commenting to us.  We were in a zone, single-mindedly at our task. 

We didn't eat any of the snacks we brought with us.  Our planned breakfast at a friend's house didn't happen until mid-afternoon. A friends emergency potato infusion at 8pm was the difference between quitting then and making it through the night.  We didn't nap or sleep other than a few moments where we sat still too long.  It was one of the hottest days of the year, with temperatures in the 30's Celcius and 90's Fahrenheit.

We had three types of bags to schlep the dolls with.  The biggest bag held 75.  Smaller bags held 50.  We also had canvas bags that could hold 20.  We were able to keep a few hundred dolls at drop points around the city so we didn't have to carry all of them at once.  The most we ever carried with us was 50 each, except for the last hour when we carried 100 each.  

We had mapped out the city into neighborhoods and dolls were delivered to almost every neighborhood. 

We would like to thank everyone who made delivery day easier and smoother.  Thanks to Tuvia and Esther, Michelle, Shoshi, and David for helping us reach the entire city.  Thanks to the 5 men in Mea Shearim and Geula for their encouragement as we were nearing the end.

Yad Shniyah wouldn't have been possible without everyone who provided the clothing used for the dolls. We are especially grateful that the vast majority of it was clean, folded, and bagged. 

Thank you to Elie and Leo for translating the text for us and thank you to Michael for explaining a bit of Hebrew grammar to us.

We are grateful to our families, friends, and teachers for their support and encouragement over the years.  Without you, we would truly not be who we are.  Special thanks to HK''BH for guidance and support and making everything possible even when we didn't know what was possible.