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Gordon & Gordon are Joseph Connelly and Rachel Gordon, a married artist team. Joseph is a classically trained conceptual artist. After receiving his MFA, Joseph taught Performance Art, Artists' Video, and Installations and Environments at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Rachel is a photographer, graphic artist and web designer.

Over the last 14 years, the team has collaborated on a variety of pieces – durational, site specific, web sites and audience participatory.  This is the fourth piece that has focused specifically on fertility.  Two pieces, August 18th, 2000 Cycle Begins in the Evening and Untitled (calendar) are video performances. Bye Bye Baby is a photographic documentation of baby detritus found on the street. They have also produced solo works about infertility.

More information on the artists and their other collaborations is available on their website (  To see more work by Joseph Connelly, visit  To see more work by Rachel Gordon, visit

The couple grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. They moved to Israel in 2005 from Madison, Wisconsin.